Shokugeki no Souma/Food wars Season 2 Subbed

Shokugeki no Souma Season 2 Episode 10 Subbed

Shokugeki no Souma Season 2 Episode 10 .
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You are watching Food Wars The Second Plate Episode 10 .
Season 2 Episode 10  of the TV Anime Series Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars.



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  • JGGB25

    Last time I remember having this feeling of anticipation was when Goku fight freezer for the first time lol!! Can’t wait!

    • Sky

      thats why i love this anime… its what shows like masterchef would look if turned to an action anime.. though that sounds like a horrible idea this show is PERFECT

  • Mort

    comparing this to real life when i taste something i say “oh, thats pretty good” in this anime its “SUGOI SUGOI IT FEELS LIKE IM HAVING SEX MMMMMM SUGOIIIIIIIIIIII YAMATAYYY”

    • jamie

      You mother fucken spoiler cunt no one likes you ya flop

  • Tao Yan

    wtf XD

  • Thomas jarnroth

    I have a feeling Soma’s going to lose and Hayama wins cuz he feels extremely OP

    • Tao Yan

      yeah i knew soma wouldntt win because i seen another anime that was the same result and i felt the same aka i agree with you

      • sinichi conandoyle

        relax he will get his revenge 🙂

  • JGGB25

    This is like soma lose today but recovers in a bigger event ull see

  • Empress Jin

    Soma lost. 😭😭😭😭

    But yeah got a feeling that Hayama will win the finals.

    “To be a good chef is to meet a woman you want to devote all of your cooking to. ”

    Basically Hayama is obsessed with Jun. Thats why. God! Why I am explaining this things?? XD

    Anyways, I just want to say another week should pass for another episode. 😢😢

    Its great episode today

    • Pyromancer

      yeah, the Hayama X Jun pair is pretty good for shipping, but soon were going to see Soma X Erina.

      • alice193


        • Pyromancer

          oops, sorry but u knew it was going to happen eventually.

          • alice193

            it cool considering its super predictable

  • Ghost974

    it sucks I was looking forward to the episode 10 of season 2 thinking soma will win but I’m very disappointed that soma ‘re lost I wonder if its even worth the cost of watching this series I am disgusted

    • Son Goku

      this is just like pokemon, Souma will never be the best 😀

    • xXYuki SakuraXx

      No ones perfect in this world if you lose you just have to win next time

    • john

      First of all, soma was starting to be way too op.Thinking everything last minute and always winning.The lose was almost necessary to tone him down .Plus , he learned a very valuable lesson from this loss which is gonna make him a better chef

  • xXYuki SakuraXx

    Although Soma lost i actually feel satisfied that Hayama won. All his hard work paid of and when he hugged Jun omg that made me squeal and for Soma even though he lost he learned something important from losing just like what he said to Erina when someone lost.

  • kazer


  • Alan Chen

    can’t believe that it took a whole episode to tell us who was the winner when it could be done in half, now I have to wait another 6days 58hours 1 minute and 60 seconds

  • Yes.

    Read the manga if you guys haven’t yet. The anime is only like less than half way through the manga.

  • Michael

    I’m excited to released new epi especially in manga when 9 sit hayama and soma battle to get hayama 9 sit In Shukogeki battle. Their main ingri. Is bear meat